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Clinical Social Work/TherapistLSWAIC

My goal is to create a welcoming and non-judgmental space for individuals on their journey to healing..

In 2014, I earned my degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Development from Washington State University. In 2020, I completed my Master of Social Work from the University of Washington. I’ve gained experiences working across various settings, including non-profits, work with military families abroad, and child welfare. Most recently, I served as a medical social worker at Seattle Children’s where I worked as a diabetes social worker. Through all of these work experiences I’ve had the privilege of working with individuals of all ages and diverse ethnic backgrounds.

However. I am deeply committed to supporting Spanish speakers and the Latinx community due to my Mexican background. Relocating from Mexico to a predominantly white community at the age of 9 was a significant cultural shock. Faced with the challenge of learning a new language and assimilating into this unfamiliar culture, I stood out as the sole brown girl in my elementary school, leading to struggles with identity issues. My own upbringing has highlighted the importance of providing assistance in one’s native language and fostering cultural understanding. Many individuals in our community encounter difficulties accessing therapy due to lingering stigma, hindering our ability to collectively overcome shared traumas. As a therapist, I aim to create a secure and welcoming environment for anyone seeking therapy but most importantly to the Latinx and other marginalized communities of color.

As a mother of two beautiful girls, they are my motivation and inspire me to be better each day. I founded EK Counseling Services when I had my second daughter as I realized the importance of having a therapist due to all of the changes that come with motherhood. It is my sincere hope that EK Counseling Services becomes a supportive space where individuals can find solace, understanding, and guidance during their unique life journeys.

Julissa Anguiano Perez, Clinical Social Work/Therapist

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